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Poland: Dispute over Silesian Minority | European Journal

  • This is bullshit! I live on the 'Śląsk' all my life and I'm a POLE! Why report don't asked me and my friends ???????? Stupid! - zdanie od devurien
  • I don't know enough about Silesia or its history to really have a strong opinion on it, but it seems a bit easy to find someone wanting to either get their own country or join another one. I am from Denmark and you can still find people in Schleswig-Holstein who would rather belong to Denmark than to Germany.. Are you giving us back what was once ours? I didn't think so. Similarly you can probably still find people north of the border who feel German.. And so what? We also used to own part of Sweden, the entirety of Norway, Estonia etc. We're not going to get it back simply because you can find some people there who would love to change nationality. lol That's not how the world works. If people are that tired of living in their own country, they can try changing their current country or they can move. You can't simply expect the country to give you land. - zdanie od Gnawer Shreth
  • It is a good examle how the propaganda looks like... We see how the new nation was born and sing the german's songs :D That is the german hiden agenda with some jewish suppord. - zdanie od lisekSL
  • Buullllshiiit - zdanie od Szymon Danielczyk
  • Silesian are Slavs so basicaly brother of other Slavs - zdanie od Radost Slava
  • oh boy, Deutsche Welle....why don't you make a piece about Poles being openly discriminated in germany or lithuania for simply speaking Polish or having Polish names.  - zdanie od daxx77m1
  • Silesia is a part of Poland !!! - zdanie od Vincent Vegaa
  • Meine (Ur-)elterlichen Vorfahren kommen aus Schlesien, meine Großeltern mütterlicherseits wurden in Schlesien - vor dem 2. Weltkrieg, geboren. Meine Eltern sind in Deutschlend (NRW) geboren worden. Väterlicherseits durch und durch Westfale - müttlerlicherseits eben besagte Nachkommen der "Spätaussiedler". Ich kann den Konflikt verstehen. Das einzig "Schlesische" was in meiner Familie derzeit noch zu finden ist (3.Gen) sind die Kartoffelknödel und einige Sprachfetzen. - zdanie od ☠-TURRlCAN-☠
  • those girls in 2;47 are pure germans - zdanie od nupagadi
  • Funny how they're all speaking Polish, not Silesian. I actually support Silesian autonomy, being that my mother is from Wroclaw and I've lived there for some time, but this video is just bullshit. - zdanie od Black Griffon
  • well i think autonomy for silesia is good because i head that a lot of germans are also living there and maybe silesia would be better off without that filtihy polish ppl messing around with it - zdanie od UXXELDUXXEL
  • Silesians are poles, or one of the many slavic tribes that make up Poland. The Austraians and germans held much of that part of poland for many years and there may be many people with German ancestry (they cannot however identify as true silesians) - zdanie od nahorsman
  • My Dad was a teenager when this happened. Before he died last year, he wrote about his experience post war. My sister and I went back with my Dad to where he lived as a kid and the butcher shop my grandparents used to own. I read some of the flippant remarks posted below. You know, there are lots of groups of peoples who suffered during wars at different times. I think it is therapudic for those who suffered and their decendants to remember those lost and the events of the time and it is good for everyone else to be educated. I mean, would you guys make such flippant comments to American Indians who posted a video about how European immigrants slaughtered them and took there land? Or to a black who posted a video about slavery? My Dad was a native of Silesia (Schlesien in german) and he was only 14 when the russians entered his city of Waldenburg and began their campaign of terror going from house to house pulling out young women and girls (many had been his classmates) to be raped by entire soviet reginens. If they resisted they were killed and after many days they could return to their homes but many of them didn't survive to come back. Now, all the bad things the nazis had done in Russia had nothing to do with my Dad or his classmates. People will always find an excuse to justify their cruel acts. - zdanie od Steven Donnelly
  • nice propaganda - zdanie od so little
  • I was born in katowice and have to say that people who identify themselves as silesian and somehow separate to poles are simply fucking dum. - zdanie od nahorsman
  • Silesia 1) autonomy, 2) independent and would of course return to Germany.  - zdanie od Edward Lo
  • I wonder why the voice over is so loud that I can't hear the actual people. In another DW (English) video I found a manipulation in translation - a guy said "rozczarowany" (disappointed in Polish) and they translated that as "surprised". Here the voice over is so loud, that I can't determine whether the translation is correct or not. - zdanie od Tomenable
  • So do those from Katowice feel close to those in Wroclaw?  - zdanie od zeus7623
  • Ah, but did you know that there's a Silesian dialect of German? I am Silesian on my dad's side so Well. - zdanie od Filip Bernatowicz
  • Bavarians are organizing similar protests in Germany. - zdanie od Tomenable
  • Frederick had this land since the 18th century. - zdanie od zeus7623
  • Frederick had this land since the 18th century. - zdanie od zeus7623
  • I'm proud to say that I'm half English and half Silesian German - zdanie od razorren
  • This is , what I said you! Russians werent you friends during the Second War. - zdanie od Mr. Blonde
  • Polish acted more civilized than Germans or Ukrainians who just killed or looted anything in sight. The way Germans & Ukrainians acted in WW2 is more uncivilized than how Polish acted in any time in history in 1,000 years. But.... Germans acted that uncivilized in the 30 year war. Ukrainians COUGH COSSACKS did act so uncivilized in the Khmelnytsky Uprising! - zdanie od PolishPower Stefanowicz
  • polish people dont know dumplings? my mother is from eastern poland, she cooks traditional polish food on sundays and holidays, that she learned from her mother and grandmother, and she makes dumplings. google "pyzy" - zdanie od mikeecy
  • First of all Germans have no right getting involved in the matter. Poles don't tell them to let Sorbs of Eastern Germany gain independence. This is a domestic issue not European. Second their land belongs to Poland talk of independence is treason if you don't wanna be in the country emigrate. It's main source of revenue coal is almost all gone, it wouldn't survive on it's own. And lastly real Silesians Slavs feel Polish, it's the fake Silesians Germans who want independence. - zdanie od Christian Marzec
  • autonomy does not equal independence. if there is a distinct society in a certain are, there shouldn't be a problem granting them some kind of autonomy. silesia probably won't get political autonomy because too few silesians are into it. however signs in silesian language/dialect, recognizing cultural differences and such. silesian are a small slavic nation and their language and culture need to be protected. - zdanie od polishranger
  • @ 1:!1 looks like a yellow/blue confederate battle flag. - zdanie od LTAndersen44
  • 2:47 the girl to the right is so hot. All polish girls are like her? She is hot!!!! I'll marry her! ♥♥ - zdanie od GranKhan
  • Wall st. and Wall st. and Wall st. and investment opportunities... and how ONLY gold can save us... and how the dollar will collapse... and how some bullshit politician made some bullshit comment and then he apologized for his opinion... on something that he has no knowledge off... and when I first becase unemployed... the the fear-in-the-air was too-much... and nobody seemed to care... and those same people up-stairs would make bullshit videos of the supposed 2012 Y2K(2000) end of the world... - zdanie od marktsheppard
  • thank you for adding your wonderful and intelligent insight to the conversation... now go jump off a fucking bridge - zdanie od JessePinkman13
  • Wszyscy historycy pruscy w XVIII w. i pierwszej połowie XIX w. zawsze opisywali lud śląski jako Polaków. Dopiero za Bismarka wymyślono ,,naród śląski". - zdanie od Wolflarsen46
  • Silesian is not a german dialetc. It is mix of polish,german and czech.We are not the same as rest of poles but we are still polish. - zdanie od MdFOnly4You
  • They said Silesian are Silesian but they don't sing in Silesian but in German and they sing : (4:28) "Wo die DEUTSCHEN Menschen bleiben...". Hypocrites. You want Silesia free? I give you a tip : give us back Wilno, Lwow, Grodno, Kamieniec Podolski that we lost because of your warmonger german brothers and then I will even give you a hug to say bye bye. Even better, I will support the return of Elsass and Lothringen into the Reich. - zdanie od AeronStahl
  • or? your the propaganda. which is true. - zdanie od dymtro hereshko
  • wy kurwy jebaneeeeeeeeeeee - zdanie od mariusz maratonczyk
  • Witold Pilecki was sexually aroused by burning jewish children alive. That's why he broke into Auschwitz. You go get an education you Nazi infantophile. - zdanie od yihggk kj
  • ...and the Cold War against me... and those who look as I do is still going strong... and those who are fighting it are using prison tricks and tactics of guilt trips and revenge... and entrapment and lies... and just so they can get their revenge over the Slavery in Africa... or becase of what the US Military did... and the victims minded people of this earth will use every trick in the book... and then to call your little son a little-bitch-white-boy... and hurt him becase he resembles a Nazi! - zdanie od marktsheppard
  • In Poland people hate as much Nazi Germans as Communist Russians two fucked up nations by evil ideologies who followed their murderous thuggish leaders Hitler and Stalin and caused so much pain and suffering in many nations all over Europe - zdanie od Paul W
  • The majority of them were czech but don't let that get in the way of your nazi revisionist claptrap. - zdanie od yihggk kj
  • Where you get this bullshit from? Poles have the most Righteous Among the Nations prizes awarded by Israeli government because they were saving Jews. Poland had the biggest number of Jewish citizens in whole Europe before WW2. They were Polish poets, politicians in Polish government, valued citizens. Nobody was killing them before German Nazis conquered and occupied Poland. - zdanie od MrArkadiusz1985
  • This is about Autonomy. Silesia or Slask have a different language than other Polish. It is like saying that New York is different than West Virginia even though they are of the same language & same Nation they have a different accent & speak words a little different & their culture is a little different. - zdanie od PolishPower Stefanowicz
  • You kind of read my mind. I thought maybe this video might be somebody's propaganda video to turn Silesians against Poles. I was thinking maybe these are just the Silesian extremists who were interviewed. Nevertheless I think Poles should keep an eye on these Silesians. Maybe mix with them so that in a couple generations they will be basically Poles. - zdanie od Dave Jones
  • Assuming that's true, why are they sounding like a fifth column in Poland? I could be wrong, but just by watching the video they seem like they would rather be with Germany. Maybe the Poles should give them their wish and push them into Germany if they act like a fifth column in Poland and replace that area with Poles. - zdanie od Dave Jones
  • This is the biggest propaganda. - zdanie od The1NonlyFATTY
  • Yeah that's the problem with having all these minorities in various different nations. They have more loyalty to their ethnic background then to the nation they live in. It destroyed Poland in 1795 when all the Enemy Within ethnic groups inside Poland collaborated with Germany and Russia to partition Poland. Thank God there are less than 173,000 of these fifth column Silesians in Poland. But what about Ukraine? Almost half of it is filled with ethnic Russians more loyal to Russia. - zdanie od Dave Jones