- Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia - Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia

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Rational Youth - Saturdays In Silesia

  • From Silesia, (industrial region in south Poland) to the nearest navy docks there is about 500km so this was one hell of a bus ride. - zdanie od Mandanara
  • This song is legendary...what a great band...always in my heart and in my ears..... - zdanie od orangecode W-B
  • Synthesizer my love, welcome home. - zdanie od uǝdoǝpıʍsǝʎǝ
  • Array - zdanie od Volis61
  • Rational Youth - Saturdays in Silesia #Canada #NewWave  - zdanie od Paul Harper
  • Had this when it was new :) Loved it then and love it now. - zdanie od Dave Nicholson
  • awesome, "my cup of tea" - zdanie od djmusicjac
  • @ET40 and I am from Zabrze and love this song too:) Rational Youth should come and perform it in Spodek:) - zdanie od Jadwiga Halota
  • I'm from Silesia :) great beat! Pyrsk! (greatings in Silesian) - zdanie od SilesiaAttack666
  • I loved this song from the first time I heard it on CFNY in 1984. A great and thoughtful piece of synth-pop music about life in communist Europe. - zdanie od handsomeglueguy
  • I heard this first in the "Swinth" music demo for the C64 in 1984 and loved it to the point that I made up lyrics for it so I could sing along. I only learned right now where the song is from... 29 years later. - zdanie od Milkymalk
  • The Cold War Night Life-album is an underrated masterpiece. Don't know which version of this song I them both.Anyway,the song brings back so many happy memories of a really great time. :-) - zdanie od ZackenZicke
  • Sadly, most times that I have requested this song @ a club. The DJs would say something like: "Oh yeah, gr8 song, too bad I don't have it." good to see it here on youtube though :o] - zdanie od Robert Garak
  • Excellent beat and their material in general is just excellent. Check out some of their other tracks from the Cold War Night Life album. Great Canadian band...! - zdanie od Nunya Biz
  • Great music from a great band. - zdanie od The Metalnaut
  • This song was well done particularly in melody. - zdanie od Alan Li
  • Great song!!!! First heared on Radio Dunkle Welle... - zdanie od rungholt
  • Love this song and In your eyes! Synth at its finest. thanks for posting - zdanie od Dnghiem72
  • Good stuff from my old age, is this the 12' Single? BTW - zdanie od inodelariva
  • Great '80 Synthie Pop song, love the melody and beat - zdanie od XXXSilverSurferXXX
  • dont burn this music on facebook - zdanie od comala27
  • I am Silesian too:) I love this song! Amazing :) Well done!!! :) - zdanie od MarttiPuola
  • GREAT STYLE!!!!!!!! - zdanie od WolfgangAmadeusF
  • amen to that I prefer the album version of this song - zdanie od SteveSpicerPortsmuth
  • C'est absolument génial, surtout pour l'époque. Bravo, magnifique ! - zdanie od rurkano
  • I love this song. Brings back memories of when I saw them at The University of Western Ontario in the 80's. - zdanie od auntanita
  • ooohhh my brain! good song - zdanie od siko20061
  • Good---- - zdanie od 2828edmond
  • oh yeah! - zdanie od goblinmolestation
  • What happened to Kevin Komoda? Spelling? Shout out from Vanier! The montreal new wave scene was awesome. - zdanie od franster65
  • The only American band that i know AND like.Great,Europan electronica music inspired them and you can see the effects!GREAT - zdanie od WolfgangAmadeusF
  • @SilesiaAttack666 so am I and I love this song:) - zdanie od Jadwiga Halota
  • On a Saturday! :) - zdanie od WeaselKing1000
  • One of my all time favorite since 80's, thanks. - zdanie od Uking9394
  • Great track :) Greetings from Silesia! - zdanie od Mechanik
  • I like electronic music or song - zdanie od Alan Li
  • YES ! ;D So , SHARE " RATIONAL YOUTH " VIDEOS ON FACEBOOK and everywhere else ! OK ? GO NOW !!! ;)) RATIONAL YOUTH still rock in 2012 / 2013 !!! - zdanie od ElliS OWENN
  • Most uploads of this band on YT are 240p :-( - zdanie od René Drost
  • @WolfgangAmadeusF Alas... Rational Youth is Canadian from Montreal... the Yanks never did get them! - zdanie od ahtaimo
  • I'm from Silesia (Gliwice, Poland) !! - zdanie od ET40
  • Rational Youth rocks all the way from Canada! Awesome group! - zdanie od Michael Barber