- Rational Youth on Musi-Video Show (Saturday's in Silesia) - Rational Youth on Musi-Video Show (Saturday's in Silesia)

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Rational Youth on Musi-Video Show (Saturday's in Silesia)

  • Rational Youth - zdanie od Anthony Ramos
  • Silesia is in Poland, not Germany...They sing of martial law in Poland in the years 1981-1983... - zdanie od Motyl32
  • Tracy was my boss for a while (brush with greatness). He was very good at that as well. - zdanie od lesserepiphanies
  • one of the greatest bands of all time imo, deserved some serious success. - zdanie od magicwaves
  • rad song!!!!!!! - zdanie od lonchecaliente
  • or Vancouver or Toronto. - zdanie od Wantabanana
  • I love their Costumes. - zdanie od canuckleful
  • Amazing band. I saw them at the University of British Columbia Sub Ballroom (Canada) in early 1983. It was a great show. The album "Cold War Night Life" is an amazing album! It is an absolute "must buy". I wish this type of music (or band) was still around! - zdanie od Jeffrey Martin
  • AWESOME ! - zdanie od cyberhat
  • thank you thank you 45 years old and always loved this tune...........the 80's the best !! - zdanie od italobastard
  • I used to live in T.O. and remember this song- can ne1 pls send me MP3 (extended version if possible) tks - zdanie od fllufc
  • Yes, I noticed that when I had it on a music demo on the Commodore 64 called "Synth Sample" - zdanie od Imrfatboy
  • the sh5 and tr808 sound great and this 1983 mv outake version was so funny. - zdanie od Sailolo
  • @TrainmasterCurt Well, over the last year or so, I've discovered three Canadian acts I'd never heard of before (not much Canadian stuff makes it over to this side of the Atlantic), and I've been thoroughly impressed with all: Rational Youth, Spoons, and Martha Ladly. I'll make sure I look for the track you mention... - zdanie od Lee71England
  • This song still sounds amazing up until today. I have not gotten tire of it. These guys are pioneer of electro synth. Time for a reunion tour guys. - zdanie od 12dangs
  • Is'nt Silesia in Deutscheland? - zdanie od Curt Wakeman
  • underated group despite they share the same equipment as depeche mode and omd... anyway, this is another classic of the 80's !!!! great ! - zdanie od mostroXXI
  • Haha me too :P I was like 6 years old at that time. - zdanie od Anakin19791
  • simply amazing...Canada you did good - zdanie od huntingsynth
  • this is great!!! - zdanie od Klaus Jürgen
  • 0:37 - reversed keyboard :) - zdanie od Krisztián Nagy
  • Rational Youth are so amazing. Just discovered them last night through your page, stunning! So soothing, fresh and purely electronic. Thank goodness I discovered them, better late then never!!! - zdanie od Nouveauxromo
  • Even the Pet Shop Boys listened to them, just listen to Rent from 1987 - zdanie od Curt Wakeman
  • Indeed THEY borrowed from RY slowed down and even the Lyric on Saturdays contains RENT Man. The melodies are pure RY no changes. - zdanie od Marc DeMouy
  • im 9 and this is fucking cool - zdanie od glottis5
  • The similarity is quite striking isn't it? Saturdays in Silesia is from 1982. Rent is from 1987... - zdanie od Lee71England
  • What version? Anyone? Please? =) - zdanie od distortionhead37
  • Really really good, i didn't know them before but it is impressive. - zdanie od rurkano
  • Heard this song first on the Commodore 64 "Synth Sample" demo, hehe, it was pretty cool. - zdanie od feelie75
  • Great Cold War vibes! - zdanie od Baron von Frankenstein
  • AMAZING AND BRILLIANT! Kevin Komoda is making a real show there! What a funny man :-) THANKS! - zdanie od Ståle Myhre-Wollnich
  • ...and I´m from silesia! - zdanie od 84silesia
  • the lead is played on korg 770 synthesizer, that thing is pretty fun to play - zdanie od helpcomputing
  • Simply jawdropping!! - zdanie od ItaloneX
  • i wouldnt be surprised if Chris Lowe had heard this one - was big into that sound before the PSB days. thats why him and Neil teamed up , cos they liked this synth pop sound. and yeah - theres a similarity to Rent in the background chords. then again , its only about 4 chords. - zdanie od kdehead
  • Canadians are the only people who can pull off techno.... AND make it political statement genius. - zdanie od canuckleful
  • Every great canadian band seems to have come from Montreal. - zdanie od MrRikard1994
  • Gretings from Silesia :) - zdanie od Przemysław Grabski
  • @Lee71England Definitely they were influenced by a....Canadian group! Gotta love that, there is a similarity in RENT to this song, Cite Phosphore/City of Night is my favourite - zdanie od Curt Wakeman
  • In TO with China Crisis at Wonderland. What a great concert in the 80s. - zdanie od catpwr7
  • Living in a graveyard Waiting for the axe to fall Working in a big hole Just to pay the rent man When my work is over Call you on the telephone Paint your pretty face Put on your cardboard dance shoes Saturdays in Silesia Holidays are for heroes City lights - not quite Broadway Saturdays in Silesia Bought a quart of vodka Didn't even stand in line That's the only thing That we are never short of Got the number 8 bus Took it to the navy docks Girl of my dreams Lives right around the corner - zdanie od Silent Lynx Studio
  • information and videos about silesia on my channel - zdanie od 84silesia
  • cool!!! - zdanie od Dmtr78
  • LOOOOOOVE this song. was about 13 when this song came out. used to hear it on CFNY in toronto. still think it's an amazing song. - zdanie od 066959
  • donne moi la main mon beau prince - zdanie od Neant Pastel
  • jajajajaja!! WTF? - zdanie od Richterbeats
  • This is great! I remember the first night I heard these guys was during the massive civil-service strike that closed the CEGEPS (community colleges) in the early 80s. Buzzed and playing board games late in the evening in small-town Quebec, CHEZ 106, our local cutting-edge radio station from Ottawa, played this song. Loved it when I was a student at Heritage College and still love it. Thanks for sharing this with us. (An important part of Quebec's music history.) - zdanie od hullois